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Going… Going… Gone!

I wonder, what´s this frenzy for selling stuff on television? At the moment, there are a few  programmes on British television that enable participants to walk away with a few extra pounds on their pockets. Sometimes, more than just a few extra quid. … Continue reading

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Watching TV Series in London

One thing that I could not help but noticing is the extremely meticulous production of  many British TV series. At least, that is the impression that I get when watching TV series in London. Well, sometimes facts have been twisted a bit to … Continue reading

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Coffee, Anyone?

Coffee or tea? Most people living abroad would associate Brits with tea. We have all seen those lovely china cups and trays of digestives and cakes in Upstairs and Downstairs or Agatha Christie´s Poirot TV series. Coffee would only be served … Continue reading

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Events in London: Music! (infographic)

Crazy about music as I am, music is one of my first options when considering what to do. It is also one of the main aspects that keep me in London. It is so easy to go to just the pub round the corner and … Continue reading

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Let´s Talk Digital

“´The times are ´a changing´ “. Indeed! Now that the wedding of the year is over, let´s talk about something else. One of the most appealing aspects of London is the creativity that this city oozes. Designer? Photographer? Writer? It´s … Continue reading

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