Watching TV Series in London

One thing that I could not help but noticing is the extremely meticulous production of Watching TV Series in London many British TV series. At least, that is the impression that I get when watching TV series in London.

Well, sometimes facts have been twisted a bit to serve the purposes of the  plotline. Not everything in this world is absolutely perfect. For example, there is no evidence that young Henry VIII was as hot as in The Tudors, nor that his romance history was exactly like it is portrayed on TV – or is there?

Length is interesting. British TV series do not usually last any longer than, maybe, six episodes, as compared to the ones in other countries. Dave Mitchell, from Peep Show and The Guardian newspaper, and Matt Leblanc, from Friends, discussed this topic last year at the Graham Norton Show. As you probably know, Friends lasted 10 years and there were over 20 episodes in each round, whereas Peep Show had about 6 episodes.

The Office is one of those television series that have been re-made abroad with other actors. In US, comic actor Steve Carell stepped into Ricky Gervais´shoes in UK. I have a clear winner here: Ricky´s The Office! That´s why Gervais is always at the other side of the pond, isn´t it?

What are your favourite UK TV series? I am listing some of mine below.

Have you seen any of these?

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Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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2 Responses to Watching TV Series in London

  1. wanderlust23 says:

    I watch Peep Show and I’ve seen a few episodes of Spaced. I haven’t seen any of the others but some series that I really enjoy are the Inbetweeners (now over), Misfits, and the IT Crowd. I may try out the Tudors and Downton Abbey eventually. I also noticed that the series here are really short compared to North American shows when I first moved. I’ve been told that this is because there is usually just one writer whereas series say in the US typically have a team of writers. It has been said that Brits provide quality over quantity. I think that there is something to be said of not over saturating the viewer with 20 episodes a season and only a few of those being good vs providing 6 strong episodes.


  2. Cheers for your comment!
    I´ve heard about US series having a team of writers. Saturation is not welcome, no! 🙂


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