New Website!

You will have noticed that I haven’t posted much here for some time.

This is because I have been working on a new site, which you can see now!

I still publish all the events, food and life in London related topics you have been reading and commenting on for a few years now. This includes the Picture Wednesday series.

Thank you for your time so far. ­čÖé

Please visit A Londoner from Afar new website, comment, share and, if you can, please share it with your friends and those who might be interested.

This blog is now closed. See you on the other side. ­čÖé


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Picture Wednesday – Solutions

Sometimes, we need to filter out specific issues or set of issues to reach satisfactory solutions to the real problems affecting us. That’s my take on the picture below, taken in East London. Please not the very cheerful orange colour of the background.

I detect quite a bit of determination in this street art piece, which you might already have seen. What do you think? Continue reading

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Star Wars in London

Loving all the current fuss around the latest Star Wars moviein London. We can even seen it in urban art, and so I thought it would be appropriate for this Picture Wednesday series.

The art piece below is a cool addition to this building, which is in the Old Street area. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Activism in Street Art

Street art has also been used for activism purposes. The stunning art piece below is where other wonderful examples of urban art have previously been. Artists tend to love this particular wall, where the entrance to a private home is!
Continue reading

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Happy St Patrick’s Day! – Sona L├í st P├ídraig

Wishing Irish people a great sona lá st Pádraig!

In London, the celebrations started last week with the parade and festival in Trafalgar Square under a glorious sun. Continue reading

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