Picture Wednesday – Horses

When I first saw this paint, I thought it was some poster or something placed on to the wall.

Then, I came closer and saw the beautiful artwork it was, almost as beautiful as the original, powerful animal. This one is just more eye-catchy. What do you think? Continue reading

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Foodie London

It is curious how things have changed over the years. Whilst it has always been relatively easy Foodie Londonto find great restaurants and shops selling food from some countries all over the world, London has never been known for that. Today, things are different. It has never been so easy and affordable to discover new food, and it has even become cool to know about the latest culinary invention or what is good to buy in some shops.

Whilst I love the fact that enjoying food is now mainstream and cool, what if it is just another trend? I get to hear the word foodie all the time, and it usually comes from people who don’t seem to know much about cuisine at all.

However, I have always enjoyed eating, and this is a great time to discover food and new ingredients which otherwise would be rather difficult for me to try. Granted that a kebab or an Ethiopian dish may not taste exactly the same as in other parts of the world. But, as I live in London, I can only try them and make a note for when I visit those countries.
Besides, I love the fact that some also focus on the experience. Have you ever dined in an old route master?

It is not only food. Some drinks like wine and coffee have also made it onto the list. Trying new things and getting to know about the country where they come from is not an expensive and weird thing to do any more.

Where to try new and exciting foods? Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Catch a Star

There are quite a few pictures that have been shared in social media over the last few years about the importance of never to stop pursuing your dreams. This topic can also be found in street art. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Alice in Wonder… London

I love a good eye-catching image, possibly one that tells a story, it is related to a cultural aspect or something we have all read about.

Images just need to evoke a specific feeling. Sometimes, images catch our eye, because there are several elements that are totally different or which may not have anything to do with each other. In fact, this juxtaposition can create striking, thought-provoking images.

In the artwork below, there is an element of happiness and childhood nostalgia radically opposed to an every day aspect we all are familiar with.

The artist is Continue reading

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New Order Photographic Exhibition

If you live in London, you have probably heard New Order songs really often, even if you
didn’t know it was a New Order tune. They are one of New Order Photograpic Exhibitionthose bands whose music is being played and used as soundtrack time and time again. How does it feel, to treat me like you do… 

Being mostly into rock music, I have to admit that some electro pop music is not that bad at all. After all, it is not that common to find a band that has achieved mainstream success whilst retaining their cult status. The music photographer Kevin Cummins has documented the evolution of the group.

I was recently invited to the launch of a New Order photographic exhibition, where Kevin Cummins exhibited some of the pictures which appear on his new book, also called like the group. I have included some pictures below for you to have a feel for the event. Continue reading

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