Picture Wednesday – It’s not only Rock’n’Roll

It’s not only rock’n’roll what we can hear in London streets – buskers also play classical music. I have mostly heard violinists, probably because their instrument is easier for them to transport. There also used to be this opera singer in one of the City tube stations who made such a difference to my daily commute, as her performance was distinctively different from the usual rock/pop/other performances that we come across (and enjoy) most of the time. Her voice was absolutely beautiful too.

Thinking about that, they play classical music on the PA system of Euston Square tube too. Do they think it’s got a calming effect, maybe? Surely it is not an uplifting or encouraging effect, to make you feel happier about getting into the tube!

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Picture Wednesday – Thought of the Day

It is those little details and gestures that can make your day. Tube workers are still trying to make a difference with their thought of the day signs, where they display uplifting messages that have nothing to do with train times and delays.

I find the one below rather lovely.

Unfortunately, with the recent strike that brought chaos to an already hectic London and the announcement of yet another tube strike, the signs do not really help to improve the bad perception that Londoners have.

Are there any thought of the day signs that have caught your eye lately?

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Picture Wednesday – Dreaming Big

Dreaming big dreams is the first step to achieving something good in life.

I dreamt quite big when I was little and there were not as many opportunities to travel nor experiencing cultural diversity. Here I am, still enjoying London. Then, it comes the more pragmatic filtering all the noise out to end up with what can realistically be achieved. I find that it is harder to do that London than in my native country, because it is easy to be dazzled by everything around.

I wonder what was that Trust iCon dream or inspiration to paint the graffiti below.

Take a look…

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Picture Wednesday – Heatwave

We’re all set to keep either enjoying or suffering temperatures as high as 33C in London during this week, which is a heatwave by British standards. For people in other countries, this may be a surprise. What, is that hot for UK? Really? Well, summer in UK tends to be milder, which is quite good. We’re simply not used to hot weather here.

I am interested in how British and UK residents react to it, and found this fun picture at the Huffington Post UK. So, what do you think? Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Toy Boy

Have you managed to throw away all those toys that you used to have as a kid? Some of us have found it really hard to get rid of them, even when they’re taking loads of precious space.

Same thing must’ve happened to artist Robert Bradford or someone closer to him. He uses old plastic toys to make large sculptures, like in the pic below. A good way to recycle toys? Well, no. Apparently, this is called upcycling.

Take a look. See the smurfs there?   Continue reading

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