London Buildings in the Movies (poll)

I was reading the other day about the stunning buildings which have been shortlisted for movie-film-reelthe prestigious RIBA Stirling Prize.It might be difficult to appreciate the beauty of the landmarks if we see them often. I used to work near the Houses of Parliament, and it was the many tourists taking pictures what I actually noticed more often!

Some of London’s well-known buildings have been amongst the UK’s favourite over the years, eg, St Paul’s Cathedral, etc. It is no wonder that London is one of the most sought-after film locations. I have somehow felt great when I recognised some locations and names in some of the most popular movies – ‘I’ve been there!’ or ‘I know that place!’

As the BFI London Film Festival is round the corner, 7-8 October (where’s the year gone!), I thought it would be fun to see which are your top London buildings. I have mentioned in between brackets one of the movies they appear in.

All you need to do is choose one of the options below. Feel free to add any other buildings, even if they are not as famous, in the comments and the movie where it appears.




Pic credits: Somerville Play House

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Picture Wednesday – Meow-tastic

As far as cats go, the internet is full of them. I have blogged about this proliferation of cats before, after I started to see them in street art in London too.

The one below is a meow-tastic, brilliant example and hope you will enjoy it. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Take a Look at That!

Today’s Picture Wednesday has a different flavour. The charity Clic Sargent has rolled out a childhood cancer awareness month campaign to help the families whose kids have been diagnosed with this terrible illness.

I took the picture below at King’s Cross station in London, and thought it was quite artistic – see the huge Childhood Cancer Awareness Month sign posted on that modern structure in the middle of the station. I hope it draws enough attention from those who are able to give. Continue reading

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What’s for Dinner?

I think that in many cultures there is a special day in the week when people gather together and eat a different type of food, which they don’t usually have during the rest of the week. Since I moved to London, there has usually been one particular day in the week when I would try and cook something different or a full meal to compensate for not being able to join my family on those special days.

This week, Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Progress, or Not?

It is hard to think that people would want to remember a petrol station. It’s also hard to think that a petrol station would have any art deco features like other type of buildings. But, the former Ridgmount service station in Bloomsbury had a sleek structure which has been preserved by the owners of the current business located there – a Byron.

It is a strange picture – a restaurant next to a building where it says petrol in big fonts, but there’s no petrol station around. There’s also a nice mosaic mural by Continue reading

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