Picture Wednesday – Video Killed the Radio Star

Some decades ago, someone wrote a song called Video Killed the Radio Star and Queen wrote Radio Ga Ga, which seems to support that channel. What if we had a combination of radio and images? Can creative tech gadgets be useful too?

See below what I mean. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Are We All Disconnected?

We check mobiles hundreds of times per day, even while we are talking to others. That is plain bad manners, similar to not acknowledging someone else when entering a room. However, it’s become so common place that I have started to consider this nomophobia a bit more leniently. Still, I don’t know if it is a good thing or not. It does bother me when people check their phone in the middle of a conversation.

The street artist Zabou seems to have translated all this into a great mural in North London. The characters in the paint below seem to be melting away together with their mobile phones. Its location, a quiet back street, might actually be saying something too. Something like ‘this happens everywhere’. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Celebrating Street Art

Last Sunday, the Western world celebrated women.

I couldn’t help thinking it was so hypocritical… Do women around the world get the help they deserve and need during the rest of the year? What about men who may also need it? It is sad that we still have to hold this kind of events to remind ourselves that not everyone is considered equal.

I’m not going into this any further. I just thought I’d share here the picture below, which I took near Camden Market, in North London. This painting is one of those street art examples which crop up in the hardest places to access by anyone, let alone an artist who may need some room to maneuvre. It was on top of a building and it looked like a woman. In fact it’s the portrait of Zabou, the street artist, by Ala Niz. Continue reading

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You Seen the New Statue on the Fourth Plinth Yet?

Have you seen the new statue on the north west plinth in Trafalgar Square yet? The new statue was placed there last Thursday, 5th March. It might surprise you a bit if you haven’t seen or heard about it yet…

What’s your impression? Do you like it?

For those who don’t know what the fuss is, the fourth plinth in London’s renovated Trafalgar Square hosts a series of temporary works of art commissioned to leading UK and international artists as a result of the recommendations of a report in the late 1990s. The Fourth Plinth Commission guides and monitors the artworks which have been exhibited since the Greater London Authority assumed responsibility for Trafalgar Square and the fourth plinth in 2005.

These artworks are clearly not meant to be pretty, but talked about. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Cats on Walls

In my previous post, I mentioned that cats are not internet darlings only. They can be the object in street works of art too.

The cat in the example below is not your usual cute kitty, which is refreshing to a certain extent. The artist has given the whole image a bit of a 3D illusion. I took the picture in North London with my mobile. I hope you enjoy it!

Continue reading

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