Picture Wednesday – Badger Culling

There is a huge debate in UK about the need to cull badgers. Despite some evidence to the contrary, farmers and others believe that this may help to prevent bovine TB.

Art of Clancy makes a statement against this practice with this ‘ghostbusters’ artwork in London’s Camden Town. What do you think? Are you for or against it? Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Rocking the Night

I have usually found that people tend to be quite conservative in terms of music when it comes to going out. Djs in London keep playing the same music time and time again without much room for exploration – only some different ways to mix the songs.

So, I keep dancing to the same songs I used to dance to 10 years ago. They are comfort songs, a bit like comfort food, which we know are going to make us feel good and enjoy the night. Maybe, I place more importance on the music than other people do.

It’s middle of the week, the weekend is closer. Make the most of your time!

Picture Wednesday - Rocking the Night

Thanks for checking my blog post today!

A Londoner from Afar


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Drinking in Underground London

It’s a jungle out there! The high competition and prices in London must make it quite hard for owners to differentiate their business and keep their customers coming in. If we add the lack of physical space to the mix, then digital seems like a great idea. Digital is indeed a great medium, but who wants to have a virtual drink?

Some businesses have come up with this idea of going underground, which also provides a brilliant, different experience. It’s all about experiencing these days. I have recently been to two curious underground bars located in the arty Kentish Town. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Art Nouveau in London

Can you guess what the building on the picture below is? Clue – it’s an example of art nouveau applied to residences in London.

Another clue – it’s near Euston Road. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Splashing around in Brixton

Street festivals are a woderful way to give a chance to small businesses to get some traction, but they are also a great way for organisations to reach out to the community, while bringing attention to underlying issues.

Brixton Splash is a community organisation which has been helping disadvantaged people living locally since 2005. They also organise a fun, free one-day street festival, where food and music take centre stage to celebrate the area’s distinctive Afro-Caribbean identity. Loads of jerk chicken barbecues, goat curry and Jamaican patties, alongside a big stage and various sound system areas with revellers dancing to Caribbean hip hop and similar style of music. Continue reading

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