Picture Wednesday – Toy Boy

Have you managed to throw away all those toys that you used to have as a kid? Some of us have found it really hard to get rid of them, even when they’re taking loads of precious space.

Same thing must’ve happened to artist Robert Bradford or someone closer to him. He uses old plastic toys to make large sculptures, like in the pic below. A good way to recycle toys? Well, no. Apparently, this is called upcycling.

Take a look. See the smurfs there?   Continue reading

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Live at the West End

Many of the good times that I have had in London include great music – a night out in town, late night events at a museum, etc. When it is paired with theatre, then boom! Something magic happens. I wish I could enjoy that a bit more often. That’s why I decided to attend the West End Live event in Trafalgar Square this weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to see some top performances, and while the commercial aspect put me off a bit, I still find it was two great days out for all ages.

It all started 11 years ago, with a small stage in nearby Leicester Square showcasing brief previews from just four shows. This weekend, we could see previews of more than 20 productions in Trafalgar Square over two days to encourage people to buy tickets for shows such as Matilda, Thriller, Jersey Boys, Carmen, Stomp or The Lion King. The quality of the performances was quite high, which is interesting given that they were performing for a non-paying audience. Some were even performing later in the day.

Whilst all of the performances were great to watch, I was massively impressed by some of them, ie, Stomp and American Idiot. I have included below some pictures and a video which I took at the event. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Hungry?

Warning: This is not a picture that you want to see when you’re on a diet or can’t go get something to eat. You don’t want to see this on Saturday at 3am if there are no hot dog sellers around either.

But, it must be a hard street art item to see for those who are not able to buy this object that often.

Much has been said lately about the future of living in London. With the Crossrail being built and the sky high housing prices, it looks as if we are being pushed far out. Food generally isn’t as cheap, either. Not a sensible strategy, it seems to me!

All this seems to be an appropriate environment for power-hungry people to thrive – thrive no matter what ridiculous challenges they have to go through.

You might even like today’s pic. Check it out!
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Picture Wednesday – Knitting at Crouch End Festival

I can’t help thinking of my mum and other female relatives when I see someone knitting on public transport. Great way to do something creative and useful at the same time.

Up until now, I had only seen these gorgeous creations at street markets or as presents. At the Crouch End Festival in North London, they are using cute knitted ornaments to decorate the area, like the ones in the picture below. Pretty, aren’t they? Continue reading

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I’ve Been Nominated for an Award!

I got this e-mail today saying that my blog had been nominated for an award. When I started this blog, I barely thought people were going to read my posts, let alone talk about them.

There are so many expat blogs out there that deserve a mention, that I am excited to be in this competition. So, if you have enjoyed reading my blog posts and seeing my Picture Wednesday series, I’d encourage you to vote for this blog!

I am humbled to be up against such good blogs, which you should also read. Rhyme and Ribbons, A Lady in London, Sunny in London and Girl in London. All of them can give you a different perspective of what it means living as an expat in the awesome London, which is not always grey and where you can find some amazing, well-executed street art. Like in the picture below.

Thanks! Continue reading

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