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Has Beer Saved the World?

Some may say that. It has been used as a payment to workers, it was drunk in Britain when water was too dirty to drink during the Cromwell era. It was also used for medical purposes (placebo effect, maybe?). In fact, … Continue reading

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Ice Creams – Mind that Child…

When I was growing up, ice creams and sweet things were either too expensive or children ´s stuff. Eating jelly babies was something of a non-adult thing to do. Then, I grew up, got a bit more of pocket money … Continue reading

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Dilemma: online shopping or shopping day out?

Please help me here! Do you think that the good, old ´girls shopping day out´ will still happen this much a few years down the line? One of the aspects that I enjoy of London is the great variety of products … Continue reading

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Gimme Some Chocolate!

I am greatly tempted to discuss here the new ´Spanish revolution´… Next time. The ´food of gods´goes first. Chocolate is said to have the power to help restore our own emotions after a let down. We have seen it so many times in … Continue reading

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