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Picture Wednesday – Good Call

I found the cool gadget below at the London Sewing Machine Museum a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a sewing machine. Guess what it is? Keep on reading…

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Technology Is Not Smartphones Only

It is sometimes good to take a look back to where things come from to see how we got to where we are at the moment. We are so used to seeing the latest smartphones or hearing about intelligent cars now, that … Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Fancy a Ride?

I had a blast ‘from the past’ last weekend when I visited one of the unusual museums in London. Fancy a ride to see some of what I saw there?

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Things to Do in London – and Never to Miss

People are visiting you in London and expect to get away with a good experience of the city they have heard you talking about for some time. Find this familiar? Here are some tools to help you entertain them and that can … Continue reading

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