Who is A Londoner from Afar?

People usually ask why still living in London after such a long time… They also get a bit edgy when they hear the word marketing, and get curious when digital or social media are mentioned.


Coming to this city has been a dream come true at the beginning of 2000´s.  Curiosity is one of the reasons why this blogger came to London.

Is living there really as exciting as it sounds? Will I be able to live in a foreign country on my own? What about the music experience? Are the cheese and choc any good there?…

There were so many questions that needed an answer, that coming here was a must! While finding those answers, new things are being discovered every day, new sights that can´t definitely be found anywhere else, new solutions to old problems. Who knows? London is also where most things digital and tech take place. So many experiences to live this blogger wanted to be able to say `been there, done that´.

In the midst of a recession, this London-based blogger decided to put the experiences gathered in writing while testing blogging. A linguist and digital marketer whose life in London has been both a fun journey so far and an exciting learning experience.

Here´s hoping that you enjoy reading and visit from time to time!

Short film by Matt Gosden and Rob Rackstraw.


3 Responses to Who is A Londoner from Afar?

  1. Love your site! I’ve been in London for many years now and absolutely love it. I too came out of curiosity and now can’t be too far away. London has it problems but it’s home…and one of the most exciting cities in the world!


  2. Laura4NYC says:

    Nice accumulation of London daily life. Where did you come from before moving London?


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