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World Cup Fever Fun & some Biting

The World Cup 2014 in Brazil is providing us with loads of fun facts and pictures. Have you got any favourites? I guess the most memorable facts tend to be those that are attached to feelings, possibly more those related … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014 Fever. Some Fun & Tech Facts

So, the World Cup 2014 has already started. Those who dislike footie or are not too bothered at all may find it really difficult not to hear anything about it, especially if they live in a country full of football … Continue reading

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Touching Moments at Sochi 2014

One of the comments on last week’s entry mentioned that sports can give us a different kind of amazing moments – the emotional moments. Sportsmanship and how competitors have reacted when winning or losing can be really touching. So, I … Continue reading

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The Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi will probably be remember for all the wrong reasons, mostly. Unfinished, unclean facilities, security issues, not enough budget, etc. In London, not everybody cares that much about the Olympics. OK, so the BBC … Continue reading

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That Super Bowl

So, the Super Bowl is upon us again. It is nothing related to British culture at all, and yet we keep being bombarded in London with news about the Super Bowl, which takes place across the Pond, in US. Maybe, … Continue reading

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