Picture Wednesday – Back to the Future

Today, it’s future day, well at least on social media. 21st October 2015 is when Marty McFly and Doc arrive in Back to the Future 2 to try and save Marty’s son. It seem like many of us have joined in the celebrations.

Social media sites have definitely become the platform where we become close to others who we don’t really know, but whom we might share something, even if it isn’t something truly meaningful. In this case, it’s a specific element that appears in a movie which has not even won an Oscar. It even is a second part of a movie. But, we don’t really care, do we? Back to the Future 2 was an entertaining piece.

Why do we find fun or even interesting taking part in this social media event? I vote for the sense to belonging without the hassle of a true and meaningful relationship with another person.

How much do you think they got right about the future? We don’t have those wonderful shoes, and we only have a promising hoverboard.

I haven’t found a Back to the Future street art piece in London yet. The one below may serve as an example of our willingness to shout on social media how we feel about things. It’s a nice one. Hope you enjoy it!

Picture Wednesday - Back to the Future?








About A Londoner from Afar

Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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