Drinking in Underground London

It’s a jungle out there! The high competition and prices in London must make it quite hard for owners to differentiate their business and keep their customers coming in. If we add the lack of physical space to the mix, then digital seems like a great idea. Digital is indeed a great medium, but who wants to have a virtual drink?

Some businesses have come up with this idea of going underground, which also provides a brilliant, different experience. It’s all about experiencing these days. I have recently been to two curious underground bars located in the arty Kentish Town.

The first one is a cocktail bar located in a former Victorian public toilet. There are apparently two or three similar bars in London. The one I went to is independent of all of the others. The bouncer at the entrance greatly surprised me. We soon found out that the place was so small that they needed someone there to keep people from coming in when the bar is all booked or packed.

They have kept the decor as close as possible to the original establishment, which makes it somehow a bit at odds with the fact that they want to make the bar to be a bit like a high end venue. Prices are therefore expensive, but the experience made it all worthy, and there was live jazz too. Shame it was so hard to take good pictures down there!

Drinking in Underground London Drinking in Underground London

This bit was not on the original toilet. The wall separates the first set of tables next to the doors and the bar.

Drinking in Underground London

Fancy another trip to Victorian times? It’s not a trip to another room in the house, but to a prison. That’s where another bar opened about a year ago, and which we discovered entirely by chance.

The entrance looked a bit like a back street like one of those in gangster movies.

Drinking in Underground London

Then, there is this artwork right at the entrance, just before we go downstairs into the darkness. The place still has some cells that were used back in the day and it’s really badly lit, which made it very hard for me to take pictures.

Drinking in Underground London

Have you been to any of these bars? Do you know of any other quirky, unusual places in London or in your city?

A Londoner from Afar
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