New Order Photographic Exhibition

If you live in London, you have probably heard New Order songs really often, even if you
didn’t know it was a New Order tune. They are one of New Order Photograpic Exhibitionthose bands whose music is being played and used as soundtrack time and time again. How does it feel, to treat me like you do… 

Being mostly into rock music, I have to admit that some electro pop music is not that bad at all. After all, it is not that common to find a band that has achieved mainstream success whilst retaining their cult status. The music photographer Kevin Cummins has documented the evolution of the group.

I was recently invited to the launch of a New Order photographic exhibition, where Kevin Cummins exhibited some of the pictures which appear on his new book, also called like the group. I have included some pictures below for you to have a feel for the event.

Music and art are some of my passions, and it was really good to be at Proud for this event. I was introduced to the artist, who even gave me some tips to take a decent picture with my mobile phone with such a low light. Needless to say that my pics are far away in terms of quality from his own pictures, so apologies in advance!

Ladies and gents, the artist himself.

New Order Photographic Exhibition

Kevin Cummins had been one of the most trusted photographers of Joy Division in the 1970’s. After the tragic end of Joy Division, the three surviving members formed New Order with Gillian Gilbert, and he continued to work with them.

This picture was taken in Manchester early 1980’s. It felt strange seeing those now old cars. I went to Manchester a few years ago after it was renovated, and I can’t see many similarities between how it looks today and how it did in pictures like the one below.

New Order Photographic Exhibition

My favourite pictures from the exhibition are those from gigs.

New Order Photographic Exhibition New Order Photographic Exhibition

I loved the dj set.

New Order Photographic Exhibition

I wasn’t sure what type of people would attend, besides arty types and life-long New Order fans. That was pretty much the type of people who attended the Ronnie Woods exhibition last year. This time, I also saw some trendy people dressed in a 80’s style.

I found interesting that, being in 2015, twenty-somethings at the exhibition dressed up following that 80’s trend in fashion, but no one else was wearing that type of clothes or hair do. Indeed, the drinks were served in a very 2013 cocktail jar.

New Order Photographic Exhibition

This exhibition is running until 7th June 2015 at Proud Galleries in Camden.

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