You Seen the New Statue on the Fourth Plinth Yet?

Have you seen the new statue on the north west plinth in Trafalgar Square yet? The new statue was placed there last Thursday, 5th March. It might surprise you a bit if you haven’t seen or heard about it yet…

What’s your impression? Do you like it?

For those who don’t know what the fuss is, the fourth plinth in London’s renovated Trafalgar Square hosts a series of temporary works of art commissioned to leading UK and international artists as a result of the recommendations of a report in the late 1990s. The Fourth Plinth Commission guides and monitors the artworks which have been exhibited since the Greater London Authority assumed responsibility for Trafalgar Square and the fourth plinth in 2005.

These artworks are clearly not meant to be pretty, but talked about. Remember the pregnant lady’s bust or the blue cock? The new one is the skeleton of a horse with an electronic ribbon tied to the front leg, which displays the London Stock Exchange live. The artist, Hans Haacke, meant it to be a comment on power, money and history.

You Seen the New Statue on the Fourth Plinth Yet?Power and money are clear. So, where is the historical bit? Apparently, the fourth plinth was originally meant to host the equestrian statue of  William IV.

It’s a good idea that the organisers have decided to offer some explanation to visitors.

You Seen the New Statue on the Fourth Plinth Yet??

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2 Responses to You Seen the New Statue on the Fourth Plinth Yet?

  1. I saw a picture the other day and I’ve to say, I’ve to get used to this… I really can’t decide wether I find this beautiful, ugly, or something in between. And what about you, do you like it?


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