Christmas Season Starts Early Again…

Have you bought your Christmas presents yet?Christmas Season Starts Early Again...

One of the most common complaints that I hear each year in London is that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. That might be just a perception, but I did start to see last year’s Christmas jumpers back in mid-September, when it still was warm enough not to think about buying any knitwear.

There used to be an unspoken rule, the 100 days rule, that said that Christmas retail season would oficially start after the bonfire night was over. Ebay predicted in July that we’d start buying items for Christmas in UK in August this year, based on the figures that they had from August 2013.

I don’t actually remember when everything started to change in UK, as I have always had work colleagues who’d start buying their Christmas presents at the end of September. I thought at the time that it was quite surprising, as I would usually start by November, unless I saw an appropriate gift before then.

But then, I would have the annoying problem of where to hide the present. Haven’t you been in the same situation?

For online retailers, Christmas comes a lot earlier than 1st November. I have read that it is believed that the customers acquired during this period are more likely to buy again and again from the same retailer. What do you think?

The best about Christmas stocks being rolled out early is that:

  1. You might get nice discounts if the stock is from the last season;
  2. We get to see lovely Christmas lights and shop windows, especially when shopping online, as there’s no rush.

I will post here some pictures of this year’s Christmas lights and windows, because they are amazing. The picture below is a teaser of what’s to come in next posts. Hope you like it!

Christmas Season Starts Early Again...

A couple of questions for you:

  • Does the Christmas season start early where you’re from or are living?
  • Do you prefer coping with the crowds or shopping online?

Thanks for checking my post today!

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