World Cup 2014 Fever. Some Fun & Tech Facts

So, the World Cup 2014 has already started. Those who dislike footie or are not too World Cup 2014 Fever. Some Fun & Tech Factsbothered at all may find it really difficult not to hear anything about it, especially if they live in a country full of football fanatics or in one of the 32 countries around the world that are taking part in this year’s competition.

In London, the World Cup is just another excuse to meet with people and to celebrate and enjoy the atmosphere, whether your team wins or not. I did a search in for ‘world cup 2014 in london’ only to find loads of entries related to where to watch the match and hardly anything else.

Of course, there is also the odd article on concerns about the weather and the humidity in Sao Paulo. But, it shouldn’t be a concern, as refs are able to stop the match if it gets too hot.

Ah yes, there will not be any ads from companies selling football tickets or travel packages on Google though, as the FIFA have put a trademark on most search terms that include World Cup or Brazil 2014. This is normal practice in other competitions too, such as the NBA.

Technology and interesting facts also have a place in the World Cup. Let’s take a look.World Cup 2014 Fever. Some Fun & Tech Facts - Groups

  • Goal line technology
    14 cameras and a mainframe computer which will send a message and make vibrate a special device which the ref will take with him.
  • Robots and drones will help with security
    They’ve been flown from Israel and the supplier is called iRobot. The contract costs $7.2 mill. Will Smith, are you there?
  • The first kick was taken by a paraplejic teenager
    This is part of the Walk Again Project.
  • The Simpsons special episode was broadcasted in March.
  • Weird team demands
    Japan has demanded a jacuzzi in every room. Cheeky!
  • Croatian player Dejan Lovren has his own fashion company, Russell Brown.
  • Loads of money
    The winners will get $35 million, and the runner-ups only $25.
  • It’s the second time the World Cup has been held in South America.

Thanks for checking my post out! Hope you enjoy the World Cup if you’re watching it.

A Londoner from Afar

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Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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