Technology Is Not Smartphones Only

It is sometimes good to take a look back to where things come from to see how we got to where we are at the moment. We are so used to seeing the latest smartphones or hearing about intelligent cars now, that we tend to forget that technological advancement affects other areas too, which may not be perceived as cool as a smarphone.

This is the reason why I found it so charming at one of the most curious museums that I have ever visited in London. Fancy taking a look? Keep on reading to find out more!

It is called the London Sewing Machine Museum. Technically, it’s not a museum. It is the display of a personal collection of sewing machines that includes Charlie Chaplin’s and the machine that Queen Victoria bought for her daughter in 1854.

It might sound boring, but they are part of our social history and there are some similarities with this technology craze we are living at the moment that we can all relate to. Also, I have learnt that many people are starting to buy sewing machines again for personal use.

The museum, which sits on top of a functioning business features around 700 machines that Thomas Albert Rushton started to collect after the war. They even keep the front of his shop inside the museum. Apparently, machines are rented out to film makers too.

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - The first shop

I’ve never been into sewing, but the thought and care behind the invention is remarkable. In fact, the first machines were pretty much like mobile phones. That is, enormous. Take a look at the three machines below.

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - A huge sewing machine.

Later on, they were a lot smaller. I even saw miniatures there.

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - A much smaller sewing machine

The care and the detail on them also reminds of the imaginative and sometimes expensive details associated to our everyday gadgets. For example, smartphone cases.

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - Look at the fine detail

Some of the cases that I saw there were absolutely beautiful and must’ve cost a fortune too, being made out of solid wood. This is only one of the various types that I saw there.

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - Instructions

Not all sewing machines are suitable to make every clothing item. Go on scrolling down to see what only this type of machine can do…

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - Not all sewing machines are the same

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Technology Is Not Smartphones Only - Lovely shoes

This is one object that I didn’t find particularly appealing. I hate ironing.


The museum opens only one Saturday a month. I also found other objects there which are displayed to help with this idea of history. I will show some here in the coming weeks.

Thanks for taking a look at today’s post!

A Londoner from Afar

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Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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2 Responses to Technology Is Not Smartphones Only

  1. Isn’t it something to see how far technology has brought us with anything. These antique sewing machines are a marvel when you think what they are capable of. The new machines are more similar to a spacecraft with all the bells and whistles compared to these.


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