Pictures from Sochi 2014

The Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi will probably be remember for all the wrong reasons, mostly. Unfinished, unclean facilities, security issues, not enough budget, etc. In London, not everybody cares that much about the Olympics. OK, so the BBC is covering the event live and all the major newspapers are referring to it. Also, the Brits have wons some medals for the first time in a long time. However, most people here are paying more attention to the flooding and to the political turmoil resulting from that, as it closer to them.

Sports are truly exciting though, and the Sochi has left us a few amazing moments so far, some of them of actual danger if things hadn’t gone quite as they did. Take a look and tell us which ones are your faves or which moments you’d rather add. 

I think that some of the pictures that have been published in the media are actual fakes, eg, some of the toilet pictures. Some people would wish that some things hadn’t at least been caught on camera.

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Speed skating and ski racing are such exciting sports. But, I believe that figure skating usually gives us much more interesting images, a combination of beautiful dancing and some dangerous moments. The key is in their feet and standing in the wrong position can be fatal for both competitors.

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Snowboarding is pretty spectacular too.

Pictures from Sochi 2014

Pictures from Sochi 2014

What I still find surprising is that Jamaica is competing in the Winter Olympics, with a bobsled team. You don’t normally put Jamaica and boblsleigh in the same sentence, but it all apparently started quite a few years back. There’s even a fun movie and they have a song too.

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4 Responses to Pictures from Sochi 2014

  1. I enjoy some of the less spectacular moments. The Gold Medal winner that waited at the finish line for the very last person to come through and shook his hand. The Canadian coach who hopped the fence to give a competitor wit a broken ski a new one so he could finish the race. The guy who knew he didn’t have a chance to win that gave his spot to someone who did and that guy won. The Gold Medalist who gives his medal to his handicapped brother…
    There are more moments like these, those are just a few off the top of my head. Things like that give me faith in humanity.


  2. I am emotional just by reading your comment. It’s a pity that the media does not focus so much on these other moments. Thank you so much for sharing them with us!


  3. Ed Marin says:

    Well, in the curiosities regarding participants participants, you get also a Filipino chap in Figure Skating: Michael Christian martinez ( who finished 19th, ahead of one of the Spanish chaps!!

    Also, the violin player Vanesa Mae managed to finish last (but finish indeed) in his Giant Slalom event, doing better than some of the ones that did not finish… being 35 years old! She was competing for Thailand, by the way.


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