A Bit of St Valentine’s Fun

I believe that movies have played a big role in the way we tend to look at special A Bit of St Valentine's Fun(commercially speaking) days of the year. Most of the movies that I have seen or heard of tell only part of the story. It might just be a matter of growing up, when responsibilities can make us see things in less rosy way.

I can either love these special days or, simply, tolerate them. St Valentine’s is one of those festivities that I simply tolerate. So, I prefer looking at it in a fun way. Let’s have a bit of (geeky) St Valentine’s fun.

It is good that they don’t decorate the streets of London like at Christmas time!

It might be hard to believe, but it’s not as simple as wanting to be together with a loved one.

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

Thank God for some sitcoms with nerdy characters!

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

The dating scene can be second in the order of priorities for career people. We all work really hard to go to Uni and to make sure we progress in our career, and guess what – it takes time. However, there was this movie with Barbra Streissand and Jeff Bridges where they show that it is quite possible to have both.

Talking about career, have you seen this Venn diagram?

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

I think we all have fireworks in our heads or a big orchestra on the background, like in the movies.

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

Not saying that it cannot ever happen, but quite often is just a simple meal and a movie. Nothing wrong with that! Epic Meal time guys know best.

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

Also, it’d be great to find someone to share one of those duffins I was talking about in a previous post. But, it’s hard to find someone who has the time, is lovely, fun, handsome, generous, fun…

A Bit of St Valentine's FunSo, if things don’t quite go as imagined, well don’t be sad.

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

You can always go to one of the many anti-St Valentine’s parties around or watch some of the new TV series that are going to be released on that date. It’s really convenient and, probably brilliant in terms of marketing.

So many pics, movies and blog posts (yes, like this one) on this matter can be a bit too much though.

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

However, the creativity I see around St Valentine’s Day in London is great, although somewhat cheesy at times – the confectionery, articles in the media, etc.

Anyway, enjoy St Valentine’s Day and the rest of the week whatever you do!

A Bit of St Valentine's Fun

Thanks for reading this post! Mashable.com and Cheezburger.com have also helped a bit.

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Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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2 Responses to A Bit of St Valentine’s Fun

  1. It can all be a bit too much. Everything costs more and it puts a lot of pressure on couples. I like the idea of just having some fun, like you did with this post.


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