Fancy a Pasty?

They say that nothing is new. That everything has already been invented. I think this is true Fancy a Pasty? in terms of food. For example, pasties. When I first came to London, I used to hear the words pasty and pastry everywhere. I used to confuse them too. Pastry usually refers to certain baked products made with flour, sugar, milk and others. It also refers to the dough in which some of those products are made. For example, the tasty palmiers are a kind of pastry.

Pasties are more like a final product, a baked pastry with a vegetable and/ or meat filling. It usually refers to Cornish pasties, which is a traditional meal associated with Cornwall and it has a Protected Geographical Indication status in Europe.

Some might think they are not that healthy – silly! I find that as long as you don’t have them at all times, pasties can be so good. People have even favoured chewing gum and ignores pasties. Some others, have praised the humble pasty.

Thing is that you can also find sweet and savoury case filled with meat or other ingredients in other type of meals from other countries. This goes to show that we are not that different as human beings at all. Another common quality is the fact that they all seem to be comfort or winter type of foods. Perfect for this spring, but snowy day in London!

Do you know of any others? Then, share them with us!

Cornish pasty (Great Britain). They are really rich and filling, but quite good.

Fancy a Pasty? - Cornish Pasty

Empanada gallega (Spain). Fillings vary from tuna to beef and vegetables. It is associated with a specific area in North Western Spain.

Fancy a Pasty?- Empanada gallega (Spain)

Samosa (India). This is usually very spicy.

Fancy a Pasty?- Samosas (India)

Dumplings (China). I simply love the boiled variety. The fried one (second picture) is quite good too.

Fancy a Pasty?- Chinese Dumplings  Fancy a Pasty?- Chinese fried dumplings

Sausage rolls (Great Britain). You can find them everywhere in UK. Mind you, I find the sausage meat is not the best.

Fancy a Pasty? - Sausage Rolls

Empanadillas (España). They are usually filled with a mix of tuna, boiled egg and tomato sauce.

Fancy a Pasty? Empanadillas (España)

Argentinian empanadas (Argentina). The pasty is a bit thicker and less crunchy than the Spanish type.

Fancy a Pasty? - Argentinian empananadas (Argentina)

Jamaican patty (Jamaica). It’s a very spicy filling, usually beef, chicken or lamb, inside a flaky shell. Rather filling and tasty.


About A Londoner from Afar

Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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8 Responses to Fancy a Pasty?

  1. Did you know that pasties were a complete meal for the Cornish tin miners? Meat stew in one end and then sweetened apple in the other – one meal in a pastry covering so the miners could eat the food by hand and not worry about plates etc!


  2. Wanderlust23 says:

    Wow, when you put them all together like that it is so obvious how similar cooking is across cultures. I am biased but Jamaican patties are my favourite.


  3. I never thought of the other tasty pasties of other countries ! Nice 🙂


  4. Perogies (Ukranian & Polish) are a boiled pastry filled with potatoes, cheese and sometimes a bit of sausage or ham.
    French Canadians have Tourtière which is a really nice baked meat pie.


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