London Cabs Are A-Changin’

Shocking news! The traditional London cab is to be replaced soon.  London Cabs Are A-Changin' - London cab

It seems that new regulations have paved the way for a new model to replace the old dear Hackney Carriage. The new model is an electric car, cheaper than the current TX4.

Social innovation, they say. Do we care?

Which type of taxi do you prefer, the iconic London cab or the new model, which has recently been unveiled?

I have to admit that the new model is slicker. It is called NV200, and it will serve as an alternative to the current vehicles, principally the TX4, manufactured by the London Taxi Company. Nissan say that it can reduce around 20% of the London’s pollution caused by the existing 22,000 black cabs. It will be tested on the roads from 2013.

It still looks like an ordinary people carrier, nothing iconic.

London is not the only city which will have this type of taxi crawling around. New York is going to have it too for the following 10 years from late 2013.

London Cabs Are A-Changin' - New York version

One difference, though, is the wider rear window which they have designed to comply with TFL’s regulations. Huge windows is a very British design thing.

A Londoner from Afar

About A Londoner from Afar

Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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16 Responses to London Cabs Are A-Changin’

  1. I´m with you on this one! Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.


  2. Michelle Gillies says:

    I like the old one…it has character. For a person visiting London it would be part of the “London Experience” to ride in that older one.


  3. bookmole says:

    That is YUK! However, after it has been in service for a while, we will have forgotten what the other looked like.

    Sorry – I don’t mean forgotten. I mean, we will no longer see the new ones as NEW! but just as the way things are. I no longer look at buses, and think Give me a Routemaster, but I do notice the Routemaster whenever I see it.

    I really hope they don’t get rid of them all. But hey – means there will be more Black Cabs to own now!


  4. missmadaboutravel says:

    The old style is soooo much cooler!!!! Come on, why change something that’s iconic? aw….

    Thanks for posting it, though


  5. laniersmith says:

    Why can’t they just leave a classic icon alone!


  6. minafog says:

    London cabs are part of the “London Brand” so DISLIKE and I think it is going to be a mistake for the city´s image, good for them to look for the environment, but also trying to keep traditions alive!!


  7. adinparadise says:

    I love the old style cab. London just won’t seem like London without them. 😦


  8. It’s a shame that the old traditional cabs are being replaced by new Nissan vehicles.


  9. cab london says:

    The old style of cab is much better and cool then new cab style. I love the old one a lot.


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