Paddy´s Day Pics

Hope you all had a lovely Paddy´s Day 2012, or just a lovely weekend! As promised in my previous entry, I am posting here some pics that I took at one of the parades over the weekend.

This parade took place in North London. The official parade took place yesterday, one day after the main day, in Trafalgar Square. That´s the one with the Mayor of London and other politicians leading. As I had seen that in previous years, I thought I would have a taste of the local festivities.

Just like the main parade, associations of Irish and Irish descendants from various parts of Britain paraded there on Saturday. It was colourful, albeit less cheerful than I had expected. Some of the features were really funny!

Paddy´s Day Pics  Paddy´s Day Pics  Paddy´s Day Pics  Paddy´s Day Pics

                                         Paddy´s Day Pics  Paddy´s Day Pics

Two things caught my eye straight away. Firstly, no matter how grey the day was, loads of people of all ages joined in the fun and dress up, eg, the tube people, kids, grannies… Yes, it was drizzling

Paddy´s Day Pics   Paddy´s Day Pics       Paddy´s Day PicsPaddy´s Day Pics Her glasses had all these lights on!

I also noticed that local festivities here are somewhat similar to those in other countries in the way they are organised and some of the features that they present. There was a stage where we could see some bands coming from either Ireland or Britain, but of Irish descendants. By bands I mean marching bands, and bands where siblings played violin and other instruments. There was no singing.

Paddy´s Day Pics

All the local pubs and shops joined the fun by decorating their windows or offering something extra to their usual product offering. I had not noticed so many Irish pubs in that area before. There seemed to be one every five metres! Some of them offered free sandwiches to customers. We ended up listening to some live Irish band in a pub in another area in London where they offered Irish stew all night!

I had a good day out, and hope you enjoy the pics!

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Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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