Christmas Markets in London

I know, I know. Blogging about Christmas markets in London is so predictable during this Chrismas Markets in Londontime of the year. I could not resist temptation, though. Christmas is my favourite time of the year by far, and going to Christmas markets is one of my favourite activities.

Reading about this topic recently, I found it really interesting the fact that they were forbidden during the Oliver Cromwell era. It is understandable, though. According to his beliefs, these type of markets were associated to Christmas in the same way that people used to celebrate them under monarchs. So, they had to be forbidden. Traders kept on selling Christmas goods, though, being very careful not to associate them with Christmas.

Today, this type of markets are held everywhere, and add up to the usual London markets. They bring us back distant memories of a distant past. That is, several hundred years ago, which people can still enjoy in period dramas or musicals, such as Oliver Twist. I find there is something comforting about those pastries cooked straight out of a medieval cookbook and mulled wine.

As well as distant times, one aspect that all of Christmas markets in London, and in UK, tend to have is continental themes. They often are German, and bring over traders from continental Europe. But, the market in the city of Leeds even has a Caribbean theme! People here also take the chance to travel to other countries to enjoy a bit of a winter break before the busy Christmas season.

Fancy a sausage and some mulled wine? Let´s take a look at some of the most popular Christmas markets in London and the rest of Europe. Enjoy!

  1. German market Southbank Centre.                       Christmas Markets in London
    This is a popular one for unusual pressies.
  2. Columbia Road.
  3. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.
    OK, this is a Christmas fair. It has a German theme, and offers an ice skating ring.
  4. Bath.
    Nice and traditional.
  5. Winchester.
    A traditional market in the ancient capital.
  6. Cologne, Germany.
    The city offers eight Christmas markets. I went to the one next to the magnificent cathedral and the river. Absolutely enjoyable.
  7. Austria.
    I hear of more and more people each year visiting Austria and its Christmas markets.
  8. Madrid.
    This one is a bit different, as it has a humour theme. It is probably one of the oldest Christmas markets in Spain.

Any others to add to the list?

About A Londoner from Afar

Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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3 Responses to Christmas Markets in London

  1. missmadaboutravel says:

    Wow, thanks a lot for posting. I had no idea Xmas markets were big in the UK, and I’m quite glad you posted all this information. As always, very detailed and well explained 😉


  2. missmadaboutravel says:

    Well, since I am a huuuge fan of Xmas Markets, I might have to try and squeeze some trip to the UK to see them for myself 😉 xx


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