Where Shall I Go on Hols?

Yeah, that´s the question. Where?

I am in search of cost-effective holidays. Sorry if this sounds so terribly business-like, but my break needs to be fun, interesting, fulfilling and, well, as cheap as possible. Recession is still lingering, you see?

On an internet search, I have found this cool infographic showing the top 11 holiday destination as of May 2011. Glad to see that Valencia has made it to the top 11, but I have already been there. Kenya would be an amazing journey of a lifetime… Other places are not so interesting to me. None of them are exactly cheap, though.

Maybe, staying in UK is the answer, even when flying from London is cheaper than flying  Where Shall I Go on Hols?from many other cities in the world. I will call that break instead. I have noticed that this is what many people choose to do as of late, enticed by some advertising reminding us of the various jewels in UK. Funny enough, travelling by train to Manchester is still more expensive than getting to Paris by air. Maybe, other costs are lower.

Still, not convinced. London and its cultural activities will be as interesting – watch this space.

What are you going to do or have done for your holidays?

About A Londoner from Afar

Cheese & choc lover, marketer and linguist who would like to explore and share those aspects that still have the power to make her stay in the amazingly vibrant city of London after nearly 10 years.
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2 Responses to Where Shall I Go on Hols?

  1. Anna says:

    I’m definitely staying in the UK for the summer. I might go to the South for a weekend break, but that’s all. The weather’s not too bad and there are plenty of exciting things to do in and around London, so I’m happy to stay in town and save my annual leave to fight the winter blues :D.


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