Picture Wednesday – The Paddington Trail

Taking a stroll in London usually means discovering new things, some of which are temporary, but so useful to give residents that surprise factor.

This year so far, I have seen Easter eggs, little benches, buses and now Paddington bears, like the picture below. They have been designed by Beckham, John Hurt, Sandra Bullock or the people responsible for marketing Peru as a tourist destination. They help to raise awareness of the movie Paddington on 28th November.

There are 50 bears in total and there even are some maps and a trail on their site.  How many have you seen?

The one below has been designed by Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – The Year of the Bus

2014 is the year of the bus in UK, with a number of anniversaries taking place.

  • It is 100 years since the battle bus, the first mass-produced motor bus which transported soldiers to the front line during World War I.
  • The Routemaster was created 60 years ago.
  • The RT-Type bus was launched 75 years ago.

So, there are a number of street sculptures around London to commemorate this year. Just another way to celebrate, although cheaper fares would have been a much better option I think.

Guess where I took the picture below? Continue reading

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Christmas Season Starts Early Again…

Have you bought your Christmas presents yet?Christmas Season Starts Early Again...

One of the most common complaints that I hear each year in London is that Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year. That might be just a perception, but I did start to see last year’s Christmas jumpers back in mid-September, when it still was warm enough not to think about buying any knitwear.

There used to be an unspoken rule, Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Space Men

Today, it is a historical day, as Philae will allow us to know for the first time a bit more about comets, which are as old as our Solar System.

So, I wanted to share with you a piece of street art in London with a bit of a space flavour. It is a curious one too. What do you think they are doing? Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

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WW1, Berlin Wall Fall and Drama

This week’s events have a militar flavour and seem to remind us of the fact that we have WW1, Berlin Wall Fall and Drama - White balloons in Berlinnot left past atrocities behind us, as we should have. I’m referring to the 100th anniversary of World War 1 and the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I am impressed with all of the marketing and PR around these events, how effectively they appeal to our feelings and make us see another side of these shameful events. I mean taking the side of those who fought for their country or suffered as a result of power-hungry polititians, making it dramatic somehow to better reach us.

Drama and romanticism help a bit with this. Continue reading

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