Picture Wednesday – Crystallised Car

I love London for all the weirdly wonderful things you can find here.

As an example, check out the car below. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Angel Power, Girl Power

Feminism seems to be back in fashion lately.

Singers such as Beyonce have been linked to feminism, which from the point of view of someone who is not a feminist, feels a bit as if they were trying to make something positive out of all that over-sexualised public persona behind them. That’s their PR campaign for you.

As Annie Lennox has said, twerking is not feminism and is not empowering.

Equally, I have seen loads of street art items in the streets of London. The one below Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Cocktail Week

Fancy a cocktail? It’s London cocktail week, ladies and gents.

Strange the first time I heard about it, as I’d never thought we needed any encouragement to drink cocktails or any other type of drinks. But, I liked trying new combinations and seeing how this event is organised. There are 250 bars participating, including some pop-up bars with live music. Continue reading

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Unusual Coffee

It might be that times of hardship make creativity increase. I’m not talking about selling Unusual Coffeenew or unusual types of coffee, such as kopi luwak. London surely is the place to find unusual things though, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, where else would you expect to have coffee apart from home or a coffee shop?

Well, if you are in London, Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Unexpected Little Surprises

I found about this little, unexpected sculpture while sheltering from the rain one afternoon.

You don’t normally expect to find anything on top of what looks like an old column, a piece of an old building site. Check it out. What do you think? Continue reading

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