Hidden Gems in London. A Bit of Gothic

I know. I haven’t published a full post here in a couple of weeks or so. I’d like to make it up to you by showing one of those hidden gems that we usually only know about if:

1. We happen to pass by it;
2. We are told by someone else or read about by chance.

If you like architecture, seeing buildings and gardens, go on reading. Well, go on reading anyway and you’ll see a curious place that I discovered in London recently. There are some pictures too.

Residential areas are usually as dull and boring as they get. This one is neither. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Would You Do It?

Some signs are shocking. They look missplaced or as if filling an otherwise empty space.

It’s just like the one below. Guess where have I taken it?
Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Adam & Eve

Mythology, the Bible, movies, classic painting… The sources of inspiration for street artists are really varied.

Take the grafitti below. Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Play Me!

People rushing around is one of the aspects that tend to define every big city. Some times, stopping by a nice building or sculpture cannot be possible. We don’t even think about that old building as a monument any more. From time to time, we can come across a variety of objects on the streets of London. Some of them may seem to be left there by mistake at first, but which follow a fantastic logic once we know what is all about.

By objects, I mean a variety of Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – The Elephant Conundrum

Have you ever lost your keys? What about your car? Maybe, you’ve forgotten where you have previously parked it after a few hours? This may be perfectly normal, given that many cars look pretty similar and tend not to be unique.

Now, what about other items and animals, eg, elephants? Do you think you’d spot an elephant easily? Check the picture below and help solve this conundrum! Continue reading

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