Colour and Rythm at the Notting Hill Carnival 2014

It was cold and it rained quite heavily during the August bank holiday Monday this year, which did not deter people from attending the Notting Hill Carnival in London. The good vibe there was contagious and I have tried to capture this particular aspect with my camera. Check the pictures out and tell me what you think! Continue reading

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Picture Wednesday – Seen at the Notting Hill Carnival

There are items that have already become part of the familiar landscape in public events.

Guess what I found last weekend at the Notting Hill Carnival in London? What I like about it is the artistically fun way to make that look better than it actually is.

What I find strange is that nobody thought about bringing one with a more fitting decoration. Do you like it anyway?  Continue reading

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Enjoy the Notting Carnival 2014!

The Notting Hill Carnival starts today. For those who don’t know what is all about or haven’t been following this blog, it is a massive street event held in West London where the West Indian culture is celebrated.

It is worth visiting their site to check out where the parade is passing by, the food stalls and the great and very loud music areas.  You can also check a video  to get a flavour for it.

As it says in the picture below, groove is certainly in the heart. Enjoy!
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Picture Wednesday – A Festival Is Coming

Where can you have the biggest police concentration in London ever? And why?

Clue #1: it’s in an inner-city area.

Clue #2: it’s due to a popular festival.

Why is this relevant? Continue reading

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Good Techy Table Service in London

At a recent friends gathering, some born-and-bred Londoners were discussing how Good Techy Table Service in LondonLondon had been changing for the better during the last decade or so. The regeneration of certain dodgy areas was the main topic mentioned, and everyone can easily notice a great change when visiting Brixton or, even, Hackney.

But, I think London has changed for the better in other aspects too, such as general customer service, which technology is somehow starting to influence now. Continue reading

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